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Caudill serviced my old a/c for several years all the while recommending a new more efficient one.

I resisted but then my old one died. Since they replaced the old one my monthly electric bill has been $50.00 less.

I would recommend them without reservation


So several months back Caudill came out and replaced half my unit when the coil went out. they gave me a great rate and easily the fastest and best service I've ever had. Now again, I worried that something was wrong, and they tried to get to me same day but I couldn't be there, and were out next morning first thing! Justin has serviced this unit a couple times, and Mr Caudill himself was here for the install of the new coil. Great family business, great practices, greater rates. You simply cannot beat them! I've referred everyone I know to them, and I suggest you do the same! Thanks


This company is great. Always on time and good prices. Very good at trouble shooting and knowledgable about repairing A/C's. Have been using them for 12 years. Have our units cleaned twice a year. Never a hard sell. Always honest.

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